Save the Philadelphia Newspapers!

A Great City Needs Great Newspapers

Why you should take Action now!

Imagine getting up in the morning and walking to your front door and there is no Inquirer or Daily News there. Or logging on to your computer to check the headlines and comes up with an error message.


That’s what we Philadelphians are facing in our immediate future because the new owners of our newspapers have threatened to “liquidate” them. That’s why I’m asking you to take action to prevent this devastating blow to our city today by signing our petition at


Or imagine opening up your paper and reading an article about politics written by a new arrival to our city who doesn’t know the difference between Frank Rizzo and John Street. Or an article on the Phillies by a kid fresh out of college who doesn’t know the difference between Mike Schmidt and the Philly Phanatic.


That’s the alternative future the new owners of our Inquirer and Daily News—George Norcross, Lewis Katz, and Gerry Lenfest—are ready to offer us. That’s why I’m asking you join us by signing our petition at


Everyone knows that newspapers are in economic difficulty. So do the journalists who are members of the Newspaper Guild. So when the new owners of the newspapers went to the Guild and asked them to open up a contract that runs until October 2013, the Guild agreed. And when the new owners asked for a $7.1 million reduction compensation to their members, the Guild reluctantly agreed again.


But when the new owners—who not nine months ago promised us that they were “patient capital”  in the newspaper business for the long haul—raised their demand to give them the right to fire long established writers at the newspapers, the Guild said no.


And they were right to do so. Not just because any worker who has put years into learning to do a job well deserves to be treated with respect but because the newspaper can’t do their job without experienced journalists  who have the knowledge, insight, and experience gained over many years to know where the truth is buried and to challenge anyone, whether they are political officials or star athletes.


So this fight is no longer about the compensation of journalists (and sales, circulation, and other workers) at the papers.  It’s about us, our democracy and our city. It’s about saving the great newspapers which make a great city possible.


That’s why a group of activists, labor leaders and business men and women have come together to form We’re asking you to join us today! There is no time to lose because the new owners are ready to disregard their promises and their responsibility to the city and “liquidate” the newspapers in the next week or so.


Please click on the link NOW and add your voice to those of us who are saying Save the Philadelphia Newspapers!


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  • Nathan Gorenstein says:

    A look at the foolishness the Norcross people are putting up on the web site shows how bad it is getting.

    January 31, 2013 at 3:49 pm
  • Steve in Philadelphia says:

    Geez this whole situation makes me sad. I went to Temple U. for journalism and took classes that were taught by real pros such as Elmer Smith and Howie Shapiro. I used to deliver stuff to the HQ at Broad and Callowhill and still remember running into Chuck Stone in the elevator, bow-tie and all.

    At the same time, I cannot remember the last time I actually bought a print copy of the Inquirer or Daily News! And the website seems to be all about either local sports or the Kardashians. Sigh.

    February 1, 2013 at 12:45 am

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