Save the Philadelphia Newspapers!

A Great City Needs Great Newspapers

Petition: Meet With Us to Save Our Newspapers


We the undersigned citizens of the Greater Philadelphia region are distressed by the massive layoffs that threaten the life and health of the newspaper in our region and especially the Philadelphia Daily News.
We ask that you meet with a delegation of us to discuss our concerns and look for an alternative to your plans.

Newspapers are a business. But they are also a public trust because democracy is impossible without the free flow of information and opinion. The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News, and have played a vital role in informing citizens about government and social life in our region, not least (although not only) by exposing malfeasance and corruption in public and private settings. We fear that the layoffs you propose will make it impossible for the Daily News to survive and for the Inquirer and to continue to play the critical role they do our public life today.

A great city needs great newspapers. That’s why we ask you to meet with us to hear our concerns and think together with us about alternatives to your current plans.


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eric z graff,
Save the newsroom

Lionel Artom-Ginzburg,
Sell the DN to the Newspaper Guild!

Bill England,

heather morrison,
stop this action

Leon Silverman,
Why not have a discussion with the employees as to how downsizing can be accomplished?

Lisa M. Brown,
We must save print media for future generations to enjoy.

Matthew Goodro,

Tim Brown,

Walter Tsou,
Papers hold government and businesses accountable. Please don't layoff the Daily News staff.

Larry Griffin,



Michael Hondros, Sr.,


Marta Bloy,

Larry Holman,
Democracy depends on communication of the truth to as many voters as possible.

Janeen Jackson,

Margaret Schernecke,
Save jobs and continue to report the news for Philadelphians

Kilian Fritsch,

Please do not pay emlotyess of the Inquirer & Daily news Lewis Katzen would have found a way to resolve this financial hurdle other than to lhreaten a layoff , at the very least tried alternatives. Philly can't afford this loss. Neighborhoods are already suffering with t the closing of supermarkets in every area of the city practically and people there are loosing their jobs. Put yourself in their position and see how it works .

Maxine Kessler,

Stelle Sheller,

Brenda miller,

Diane Fanelli,

Pranshu Verma,

Danny Bauder,

Larry White,


Michael Kleiner,


Gretchen Bell,

Kay Traylor,
When the power goes and the electronics can no longer give us the news and information we need and seek, we turn to our newspapers and read by candlelight or battery operated devices. Let us not lose a major part of our existence. Our newspapers may be the only reading material in many of our households. Let's get together and search out ways to help each other find solutions to the problems facing our newspaper publishers...there are always alternatives and options available to everyone. Thank you. Kay Traylor

Saul Broudy,

Cindy Evans,

Gary S. Server, Esquire,
I am shocked they would even consider laying off Julie Shaw. She works tirelessly reporting about what goes on in our courthouses. She, the trust she has earned with us to fairly report the facts, and the contacts she has made over the years can't be replaced. Who else are they foolishly letting go? If they are going to let go the reporters who bring the community the essential information about what happens in the local courthouse or in local government, why even continue to publish? Reporters, not bean counters, should be running our community's local newspapers! They can't do any worse. Sell the DN to the Guild!

How can a World Heritage City have no daily newspaper? No other large city in the world goes without news. It is part of a city's fabric, and the means by which Democracy takes place.

Lindsay Patterson,

susan morris,
No layoffs!

Janet Elfring,

Nina Diamond,

Martin Laufe,
I cannot attend any meetings. I am caring for my terminally ill wife, but
I support you whole heartedly.

Michelle Ross,
We need the News Paper, No Layoff.

Julie Blust,

Please save our newspapers, they are part of Philadelphia tradition and these men and women have worked with the company through all the ups and downs! There has been many! Don't mess with another tradition.